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Posted: Sat Jun 27, 2015 5:11 pm
by MyU
Frequently Asked Questions

a) When will the mod get released?
When it's done. We simply can't announce a date yet, but we're going to keep you informed.

b) Will there be any way to have own servers?
Yes, you'll be able to host your own dedicated server. We support Linux and Windows.

c) Will there be any scripting on servers described in b)?
Yes, we'll use Lua to allow you to do all kinds of things, regarding gamemodes and other stuff.

d) Will the mod work with all Bully SE versions?
Regardless of the version you own, we support the retail Bully SE 1.20, Steam and CD Files are the same and you'll be able to play the mod with the Steam files, as long as you are able to get the 1.20 executable.

e) Can I be a tester / apply as one?
Thanks for your interest of helping us, but at the moment we do not take any kind of applications. If you want to help us, contribute to the community. Who know's, maybe we will notice and contact you.

f) What are the limits of Bully Multiplayer?
At the moment, the mod supports 100 players and 200 vehicles, but these are subject to change.

g) Will be there co-op mode / synced traffic?
No, implementing these features are really hard and time-consuming, especially without the source code of the game.

h) Can I make videos about the mod?
Yes, but please don't spread false or inaccurate information.

i) How can I support you?
If you doesn't have good programming and reverse engineering skills, the only thing you can do is advertising us on social media.

j) Are affiliated with the developers of Bully in any way?
No, all the work is done from scratch.

k) How will you prevent hackers from ruining the game?
Anti-cheat measures will be added to the mod, but it's just a matter of time. Scripters will be able to create their own variation of scripted anti-cheats and breaking these will be much harder due to each of them being slightly different.

To be continued.