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Bully-mp is dead.

Posted: Sun Jan 06, 2019 11:14 pm
by vsr9017
hello people from this forum...

i'm gonna talk about bully-mp,more specific the community rather than the development process (but im gonna talk about the game and the lack of updates a little),i'm a huge fan of bully-mp although i didn't knew about the project on the same day that it got created i think im old enough to talk about it, i remember that in end 2014 - 2015,swegta talked about the project and shown some early photos of it in a video, the same day i saw the video i registered on the forum ( december 2014) it was a pretty helpful community that ''any problem could be solved'' ( in part of communicating the truth and busting some false news on the mod) i even remember the bullymp fake groups situation.i remember coming everyday on the site thinking and hoping that one day the download button would be avaliable,me and my older brother waited,waited and waited,until one day i visited swegta channel and found out that the mod didn't got exactly realeased but it got actually had a unstable but fun version of it,i was happy,after those 3 long years bully-mp got a playable version to the public that's a great news to me! now maybe the devs will be more frequent and give some photos or versions to test... but i was wrong, since march 2018 and nothing not even a simple hello to the community was given, of course i understand that the bully-mp it's just a passion project ad there's no intentions on making money on it,but just some little to nothing updates, a nickpick even a simple photo showing jimmy beating another jimmy with a nickname on the head, that's not something hard to do,in the past we had a bunch of promo photos to look and now we don't have a simple forum post to make a fast update, this kills a community and the forums are showing it right now there are august 2018 posts being called ''new'', no signal of living on this project, i hope this mod doesn't have the same fate that cube world had. i really hope that the devs still want to make this mod a possible thing, of course it's not my intention to rush on someone to make something, even myself believe that the dev needs time and dedication to make a mod good, but just a simple update would spark some hope on this mod.

i hope that this mod will spark again...


Re: Bully-mp is dead.

Posted: Sun Jan 06, 2019 11:16 pm
by vsr9017
i forget to metion that the bully forum got shutdown in jul 2015 and we all had to remade our accounts.