Roleplay server ideas of mine

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Roleplay server ideas of mine

Postby Bit » Sat Jun 10, 2017 10:13 am

First of all, I'll just say that I'm by no means a professional roleplay player and know-it-all about the gamemode itself, but I enjoy playing on roleplay servers on SAMP, which I presume Bully-MP will be similar to it. Here are some of my ideas:

Skins and characters:
-All student skins would be available to choose from when you start the game (Bully clique skins as spawn skins).
-Obviously people will revive the school cliques like Jocks, Greasers, Nerds and so on, so when you join a certain clique, you can choose and have to play with a skin of the respective clique you picked to join.
-We need prefects, cops, and teachers, but in my opinion that would kinda ruin the game because some smartasses who pick them will most likely abuse their power as a "grown up" and bully (yeah, ironic) the kids. So it would be realistic to have grown ups, but that can kinda ruin the game because the players will play as students mostly.
-I can't make up my mind if the Jimmy skin would be available because among the default skins which are Bully clique skins, Jimmy would look too different than the rest of them, with him wearing the beige khakis and that orange jacket.

-Paperboy (having a random spawned bike and going around Bullworth and delivering newspaper by going through checkpoints).
-Store help out (creating a custom checkpoints around the map (preferably around the docks) for you to go collect a carton of eggs for the store supplies for instance and delivering it to the store you work in).
-Mowing the lawn (simply mowing the lawn like in the detention punishment in the single player game)
-Graffiti artist (going around town and spraying custom made graffiti. I don't know how this would work, but it seems like a great idea in my head, very much teenagery lol).
-Drug dealer (let's face it, even the best schools around the world have at least one drug dealer, may that be pills, lean, pot or even cocaine and stuff)
-Errand boy for the elderly (Basically you come up to a custom spawned npc and they tell you to go get them a carton of eggs, flowers, soda packages and so on and deliver it to them within a time limit).

Character customization:
I really don't know if this could be done, but maybe the scripters can implement something like you go to a clothing store and you change your torso, legs and feet for you to wear single player clothes to make you different from the rest, with you having an unique look or maybe implement a toy system much like SAMP has, with you picking a certain item and resizing and moving it to your body.

I've seen on a youtube video I think from TheNathanNS that boys dorm rooms are fully mapped, but for some reason not available to the player. The dorm rooms can be used as a first "safehouse" for you to enjoy until you make enough money to rent/buy a house (I know this doesn't sound logical very much, but hey, you can roleplay to have parents that own the house).

That's it basically. I can't think of any ideas at the moment, but you are more than welcome to reply with your own ideas here. Cheers!

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