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TDM suggestions

Postby Mikasa_Ackerman » Sun Jun 18, 2017 6:11 am

Hey, guys, I just wanted to say that I can't wait for BULLY MP to be released, And I think most of the fans are waiting as well, Anyways! I have a Suggestion for a TDM ( Team Death Match ) For BULLY MP so the game mode can be the best, SO what I'm thinking of is you're a part of a clique I.E Preppies, Bullies, Nerds, Jocks, etc... and you roam around Bullworth town with the character that is part of the clique you chose, and MAYBE roam around with BOTS - Real players and knocking out any person of the clique's enemy, for example ( Preppies vs Greasers, Nerds vs Jocks ) and you get to team up with the other cliques to take down more cliques ( Idk how many times I said cliques in this sentence ) like the greaseballs and the jocks taking on the preppies, and so on, or maybe have clique wars, like each clique in a castle and some of the members of the clique, go on foot to the castle of the other cliques and battle either with weapons ( Slingshot - Spudgun - Stink bomb - Firecrackers ) or with their fists and the members at the castle must destroy the enemy's castle using slingshots.

So that's my suggestion, Tell me what do you think about it, will it be fun or boring?.

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