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[Valkyrie Gaming] Odin Roleplay [English Server]

Posted: Sat Apr 14, 2018 8:50 pm
by Escobar

About us

Our community is still fresh, but experienced and thirsty to expand to other multiplayer games aswell, we have already made some plans regarding the expansion, and we already own one server on another multiplayer platform.
I personally have given a thought about testing out bully, and it seems fine, can't complain after all this is the first release. My idea is pretty much making a Roleplay community here at Bully's, and together i hope we can make it one of the best there is.


The server features that i planned out to add as in the begginig are pretty much what a roleplaying server should have when it starts out for the first time, some roleplaying commands, jobs and factions, the features will be discussed as a team, and we will together rule out what goes in and what out. We don't wanna promise big things yet, but we assure you we will make everything possible as the development of both the server and Bully go.

How to join

I will not ask much from the people interested to join, other than having a good behavior, be respectable to others and of course have good English knowledge. If you are interested to join our staff team in a beggining of a new and a long adventure, you can join us on our official Discord server and message me there, or you can also check out our forums and PM me there instead, it's your choice.


Discord invite link:
Our website:
Our forums: