v0.1-preview1 patch1

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v0.1-preview1 patch1

Postby P3ti » Sun Feb 25, 2018 1:28 pm

v0.1-preview1 patch1

Client changes:
    - Disabled ground attacks. (grappling players on ground)
    - Disabled ride skitching. (caused camera bugs)
    - Players using dog skins can be knocked out now.
    - When aiming and a remote player gets hit, won't change back to follow camera mode.
    - While slingshot is equipped, animations of remote players will play properly.
    - Disabled toilet and urinal props.
    - Small fix in CEF renderer. (occasionally colors were inverted for some players)
    - Disabled all pause menu options except controls, options, quit.
    - Added shadow for chat input text.
    - No more health restore at skin change.
    - ImGui updated, changed to dark style.
    - Added submit button to console UI.
    - Fixed typo in main menu html code.
    - Objects, props not spawning pickups anymore. (fe. beam cola from crates)

Server changes:
    - Minor scripting API improvements.
    - Fixed a streaming bug. (creating vehicles, objects which are not streamed in at join)
    - freeroam resource:
      - Remade weapon spawning command. (/weapon)
      - Block using invalid skin/weapon IDs.
      - Can disable skin changing, vehicle and weapon spawning commands in config.
      - Multiple spawn points.
      - Vehicle spawns redone. (less cars, abundance of gokarts, mopeds, bikes, lawnmowers, and motorcycles)
      - Added vehicles to arcade race tracks, gokart race track and skatepark areas.
    - freeroam & tdm resource:
      - Respawning abandoned vehicles.
    - private_messages resource added.
    - real_time resource added.

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Re: v0.1-preview1 patch1

Postby Yur$ » Sat Mar 10, 2018 1:55 pm

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Re: v0.1-preview1 patch1

Postby AndruMemeMaster » Sun Mar 11, 2018 11:38 pm

Also getting into a car with someone still doesn't work so that probably should be fixed...

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